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Welcome to Luxe Lash Beautique. New Jersey’s #1 Lash Training! Our Salon is located in Jersey City, New Jersey. We specialize in Eyelash Extensions and Classic & Volume Eyelash Extension Training. 


We are dedicated to maintaining a welcoming, sanitary, and relaxed environment for our guests. 


Our Eyelash Extensions are guaranteed to enhance your natural beauty as well as boost your self confidence.


We offer high quality Synthetic, Silk and Mink Eyelash Extensions. Each material comes in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and curls to choose from. Our products are tested prior to servicing our guests to ensure they’re receiving high quality lash extensions. 


Before each service a full consultation is given to ensure you are receiving the look you truly desire. 


No need to feel uncomfortable! 


Because we are a one room salon, your appointment time is dedicated to you and YOU ONLY! No other guests will be serviced at that time. The beautique will be all yours while you’re being lashed. We understand you need your beauty sleep. What better way to get your beauty rest, while getting glam the Luxe Way! 

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